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Brasil Empresta Ltd is a UK developer of cross-border, online direct lending platforms for emerging markets.

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No two Emerging Markets are the same.

The key in designing and building a cross border lending platform is to adapt and customize available components and then integrate into a total solution. We therefore rely on collaboration and strong partnerships with world-class Fintech and business process service providers whose tools and services we integrate into our platforms.

By using Open Source software and technologies which are proven and robust, we free up resources to focus on solving integration and customisation issues through proprietary middleware, APIs and Widgets.

In parts of the developed world, online marketplace lending is a mature business: highly competitive with lots of lenders and ever reducing margins. In emerging markets many traditional banks are making vast profits in consumer and SME lending despite underlying weakness in those economies. With the availability of fast broadband, ubiquity of smart phones and WiFi and large numbers of tech-savvy, credit-worthy borrowers, we believe there are big opportunities for our platforms in many emerging markets.

Value Creation

Lending Platforms Create Value in Three Ways:
Introducing Efficiencies Which Improve Rates for Borrower and Lender
Enhancing the User Experience and the Loan Product
Creating Sustainable Businesses for Investors and Employees

Our Platforms Have the Potential to Deliver Returns from Emerging Markets Which are a Multiple of Those Available in the USA and Europe from Investments Similar Risk and Volatility.



Manu is experienced in banking and law and also knows Brazil well. He is the inspiration behind the company and has assembled a team of gifted and committed professionals.

As an investment banker he has first-hand experience of banking and emerging markets. He has owned advisory businesses in corporate finance, trade, and dispute resolution. Has been a principal investor in online businesses and trading platforms.

Manu holds degrees in Physics, Law and an MBA from LBS. He has part-time judicial posts in England and acts as a legal adviser and arbitrator in disputes. British, a resident of the UK with a home in SC, Brazil.


Stefan is responsible for the development and integration of software, systems and business processes. He has previously headed Forex and equity derivatives developer teams for Paribas.

After an MBA at INSEAD, Stefan worked for McKinsey & Co on projects in Corporate Finance, Risk Management and Banking and Financial Services. He then led J.P. Morgan’s bank risk advisory team, working with banks.

Stefan also founded a highly customizable platform for online education targeted at the Executive Education market to enhance teaching.

Stefan is fluent in English, German and French.


Emanuel has a decade of experience in bringing businesses, including start-ups, into new markets. Has worked closely with first time founders and serial entrepreneurs to develop markets and growth and secure financial and operational support.

Until recently, he held a dual economic development and diplomatic role as Brazil Country Manager for Enterprise Ireland and Chief Trade Counsel at the Embassy of Ireland in Brazil, where he was responsible for all bilateral trade and export development activities concerning Ireland and Brazil. He is also a director of the Brazilian chapter of Swiss NGO, The Non-Violence Project.

He is bilingual Portuguese and English and lives in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

20% Borrowing rates in Brazil comfortably exceed 78% p.a. for good borrowers. Local banks have high costs but still make lending profits of over 20% in Real. Domestic P2P lending is not allowed but grey market lenders charge more than banks.
3% The average US bank delivers a net profit of around 3% in US Dollars for shareholders. Domestic P2P lending in the US offers investors around 6%.
35% Our platform and its streamlined business process can cut Brazil operating costs by 15% to raise net lending margins to 35% in local currency. The Brazilian Real can be hedged for a cost of 15% so a foreign lender could earn 20% p.a. in US Dollars.


Brazil represents the best lending opportunity among the larger Emerging Market countries. Interest rates and lending margins (gross, net, operating) in Brazil are among the highest in the world and the default rates and foreign exchange risks manageable with state-of-the-art Fintech.

The biggest private-sector brazilian banks have mostly exhausted the strategies they used to manage 2015's downturn….. Their strategies will be focused on stringent cost control …investing in it, focusing on digital banking... Digital banking would lower overall fixed costs while overhead should decline as the traditional model of physical branches is eventually eclipsed by digital platforms.

Reuters, Feb 22, 2016

According to Brazil's antitrust regulator, despite HSBC's small market share in Brazil, any merger operation should be viewed with caution because of "Clear evidences" of low competitiveness in brazil's banking industry, in which lenders have one of the world's highest profit margins.

Reuters, Apr 4, 2016

Our platform and its streamlined business process can cut Brazil operating costs by 15% to raise net lending margins to 35% in local currency.
The Brazilian Real can be hedged for a cost of 15% so a foreign lender could earn 20% p.a. in US Dollars.

Our Brazil Platform’s Value Creation

Brazilian Partners

Brazil, our first market, is unique in how it works. Online lending models and paradigms from the US and EU do not carry over.

For example, setting up a loan capable of repatriation, analysing borrowers credit worthiness, on-boarding customers, carrying out KYC and AML, e-signature of documents, cash management and foreign exchange

In our architecture, there are many important partners, some of whom are behind the scenes.

In Brazil, our platform relies on the following world-class service providers. They are fully integrated into our platform and business processes and we are proud to work with each of them.

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